• Full Sets
  • Touch Ups/Removal
  • Lash & Tint
  • Henna Brow
  • Add-Ons

Classic Full Set $300

Within 2 hours, lash extensions are applied to every natural lash for the full experience.

Classic Minx Full Set $325

A luxury upgrade of minx that feel lighter, softer with better retention.

Blend Full Set $350

When classic is too light and volume is too much, let’s meet you halfway offering a little more boost to the classic look.

Volume Full Set $400

The full but still offering the natural look that gives you that lash line without the pencil.

HD Volume Full Set $450

The ultimate set gives you volume in length and color.

Introductory Set $175

Not sure how you feel about eyelash extensions? A 45-minute classic application as an introduction for first time wearers.

Maintenance for your lashes or if you want them removed. 30 minute minimum.

Classic 30                                      $60

Classic 45                                      $90

Classic 60                                      $120

Blend 30                                         $70

Blend 45                                         $105

Blend 60                                         $140

Volume 30                                      $80

Volume 45                                      $120

Volume 60                                     $160

HD Volume 45                               $140

HD Volume 60                               $175

Lash Lift Deluxe (Best Seller) $120

Add a nice curl customized for your natural lashes, hydrated with a lash mask and finished with a tint.  Results that last 6-8 weeks. 

Lash LIFT $90

The lash lift will make your lashes look longer and also show that natural lash line you always had. Low maintenance with lasting results.

Lift TinT $25

Add color to your lashes to save yourself from bleeding mascara. 

Lash Mask $15

Ultra conditioning for your natural lashes that may feel dry. ($10 as an add-on).


Customizing the color for your brows that best fits you. The unique henna formulation customized for you, provides full hair color for up to six weeks. Moreover, it provides a tattooing effect on the skin to provide added definition for up to 2 weeks. This is perfect for the client who’s looking to save time in their day. 30 minutes

Highlights $15

Want some color? Pick a color to add shade to your eyes – like shadow but without the cream or powder. (Green, Blue, Purple, Red, and Orange).

Bottom Lashes $30

A boost for the eyes without the running mascara on hot sweaty days.

Candied Lashes $30

A little fun with glitter. Subtle enough to wear in the day and fun for a night out. Adds that sparkle to your eyes.

Eyelash Extensions

We use strictly Novalash products from soft, curly lashes to the best adhesive on the market- The Platinum Bond series. We mix different curls, diameters and lengths that offer a full and natural look fit for each client. BOOK NOW!

Lash Lift

Not sure about extensions? A good introduction to any lash service is the lash lift. It’s low maintenance, safe, and can last up to 12 weeks. With the lift your lashes look longer and fuller.  BOOK NOW!

Henna Brow

A semi-permanent natural tint for the client who wants to save time their day. It can last from 2-14 days on the skin and up to 6 weeks on the hair. For bolder and fuller looking brows, go henna. It’s worth it.  BOOK NOW!



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